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DigitalCrazyTown aims to examine the intersection of Washington (CrazyTown) and technology. The content is written and posted by Cynthia Brumfield and does not reflect the views, interests or opinions of anyone else.

Cynthia Brumfield is a veteran analyst of the media and communications businesses and, most recently, the energy business as it intersects with communications.  She has an extensive background in business, technology and policy matters driving the information, entertainment and Internet worlds. She is currently conducting consulting projects and developing other projects through her business DCT Associates (

Most recently, she spent three-and-a-half years studying a little-known but important sector of the communications world, utility communications, serving as Director of Research at the Utilities Telecom Council, a trade association that represents the telecommunications and IT interests of the utility industry. At UTC, Ms. Brumfield concentrated on the role of telecommunications in the development of smart grid technology, producing original research studies on the technology that modern utilities companies use, the economic benefits of smart grids and other cutting-edge topics. She designed and primarily authored a major government-funded research study in Canada assessing the benefits of utility-owned communications networks in comparison to outsourced telecommunications. She also authored a high-impact study on the communications needs of utilities, which was based on original focus group and survey research, in addition to many other internal and public studies, including a strategic assessment of satellite usage by the utility industry.

Ms. Brumfield was President of Emerging Media Dynamics, an advisory services firm that consulted with cable, wireless, telco, technology and content companies.  EMDI produced numerous reports, conferences and private consulting projects that focused on the then-emerging world of Internet Protocol-based video services.  In its earlier incarnation, EMDI launched in 1999 the first daily publication devoted to the broadband businesses, which Ms. Brumfield sold to a major DC-based legal and business publisher in 2003.

Prior to forming EMDI, Ms. Brumfield served as a Senior Analyst at Paul Kagan Associates, Inc.  where she was lead analyst for several investment newsletters, including Broadband Technology, Multimedia Investor, Digital TV Technology and others.  While at PKA, she consulted with leading media, communications and technology clients.

Ms. Brumfield also spent ten years as Vice President, Research & Policy Analysis at the National Cable & Telecommunications Association, where  she initiated, designed and produced a variety of research studies, strategic analyses and policy papers on various communications matters for Washington policy makers, federal court and regulatory proceedings, the press and industry executives.  

Before joining NCTA, Ms. Brumfield was the Director of Research at the Media Institute, a think tank devoted to First Amendment and intellectual property issues.  While at the Media Institute, Ms. Brumfield authored a groundbreaking study on the rise of CNN.

Everything in this blog reflects Ms. Brumfield's opinions and not those of her past, current or future employers or clients.


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