Time to Get Creative

This blog post has nothing to do with communications, technology or policy.  It's here because I'm making a big change tomorrow. I'm leaving the regular job I've held for the past three-and-a-half years to be, once again, an independent analyst. I'm thrilled.

But the only good email address I can give to friends and colleagues is cynthia@digitalcrazytown.com.  No doubt some folks will scope out what digitalcrazytown.com is.  So I figured I should put up new content of some sort before directly or indirectly prompting anyone to visit this site.

Despite making the decision to strike out on my own nearly two months ago, I still haven't settled on a brand name or new work identity...yet.  That's the task ahead of me and for that I need creativity.  My desire for creativity, stimulation and more interaction with all the interesting and talented people in the digitalcrazytown realm is really what made me jump back into this game.

In fact, there is a connection between creativity and mixing things up with people.  Without the cross-pollination of ideas that human interactions bring, the brain shrivels and the juices dry up and the world is tedious and nothing gets created. It's simply boring and no fun.  If you don't believe me, check out Jonah Lehrer's remarkable new book  Imagine:  How Creativity Works (and check out the book's official promotional video above - pretty good for a book publisher).

I've got a couple of exciting projects in the works on timely topics that will keep me in touch with many of the wonderful people I work with now and have worked with in the past.  These jobs will, more importantly, expand the canvas of my curiosity to include dozens of new people from worlds I barely know.  There's always room for more people and projects -- drop me an email or catch me on twitter. I'd love to hear from you.

In the meantime, I'll be blogging here more often to keep the creative juices flowing.


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