Top Cybersecurity Writers, By the Numbers

Last week I posted an analysis of how often various publications appeared during the first six weeks or so of active tracking on Metacurity, our new continuously updated resource on cybersecurity news and information. (For more on Metacurity and how we're selecting which articles and blog posts make the cut, see this post).

Now we turn to the actual journalists, bloggers, pundits and others who actually write the posts.  As the table below shows, 128 writers appeared more than once in approximately 1,220 posts from March 29 through mid-day on May 6 (links are to the writers' Twitter profiles, where they could be found).

Topping the list is Darren Pauli from The Register, not a surprise given that The Register also topped our list of publications, focused as it is on the nitty-gritty of IT technology. In fact, the vast majority of writers who top the list below are focused almost exclusively on matters related to information security -- again no surprise.

A word of caution though:  quantity does not necessarily equal quality. Many of the top writers working in the field appear lower down on the list presumably because they are not pressured to fill the hole each day and are given some latitude to spend time on bigger pieces or on related beats, such as privacy and national security.

In addition, some excellent writers are working for publications that put content behind paywalls and are not reflected here (Politico is the exception because some Politico pieces are available without paid subscriptions).

I was surprised at the amount of feedback I received on the first post detailing the publications by the numbers and welcome again feedback on this list.  As Metacurity evolves we will be adding additional publications, bloggers and sources and new features that make the site a more dynamic resource for cybersecurity news and information. Give us your feedback on the sources we rely upon and what additional information we should be incorporating into our system.

Metacurity Posts by Writer, 3/29/2015 to 5/6/2015
Writer# PostsPrimary Publication
Darren Pauli32 The Register
Waqas31 Hack Read
Eduard Kovacs27 Security Week
John Leyden24 The Register
Maria Korolov21 CSO Online
Dan Goodin20 Ars Technica
Michael Mimoso19 Threat Post
AFP17 Security Week
BrianPrince17 Security Week
Mike Lennon16 Security Week
Zack Whittaker16 ZDNet
Lorenzo Franceschi-Bicchierai15 Motherboard
Adam Greenberg15 SC Magazine
Brian Krebs15 Krebs on Security
Ashley Carman12 SC Magazine
Lucian Constantin12 CSO Online
Dennis Fisher12 Threat Post
Aliya Sternstein12 NextGov
Thomas Fox-Brewster11 Forbes
Andy Greenberg11 Wired
Kelly Jackson Higgins11 Dark Reading
Charlie Osborne11 ZDNet
Sara Peters11 Dark Reading
Cory Bennett10 The Hill
Graham Cluley10 Graham Cluley
Richard Chirgwin9 The Register
Jeremy Kirk9 CSO Online
Steven Ragan9 CSO Online
Iain Thomson9 The Register
Danielle Walker9 SC Magazine
Kim Zetter9 Wired
Dustin Volz8 National Journal via Next Gov
Robert Abel7 SC Magazine
Kyle Ellison7 We Live Security
Julian Hattem7 The Hill
Alexander Martin7 The Register
Stewart Baker6 Lawfare
Cyrus Farivar6 Ars Technica
Grant Gross6 Computer World
Shaun Nichols6 The Register
Mohana Ravindranath6 Next Gov
Bruce Schneier6 Lawfare
Sara Sorcher6 Passcode
Leon Spencer6 ZDNet
Taylor Armerding5 CSO Online
Chris Brook5 Threat Post
Joseph Cox5 Motherboard
Brian Donohue5 Threat Post
Sean Gallagher5 Ars Technica
Frank Konkel5 NextGov
Dave Lewis5 Forbes
Mario Trujillo5 The Hill
DAN FROOMKIN4 The Intercept
Hallie Golden4 NextGov
Robert Graham4 Errata Security
Swati Khandelwal4 The Hacker News
Rachel King4 ZDNet
Glyn Moody4 Ars Technica
Jordan Pearson4 Motherboard
Nicole Perlroth4 New York Times
Elise Viebeck4 The Hill
Wang Wei4 Hacker News
Paul Farrell3 The Guardian
Samuel Gibbs3 The Guardian
Roger Grimes3 Info World
Shane Harris3 The Daily Beast
Michael Heller3 TechTarget
Ben Kepes3 Forbes
Jason Koebler3 Motherboard
David Kravets3 Ars Technica
Mohit Kumar3 The Hacker News
Tony Morbin3 SC Magazine
Paolo Passeri3 Hackmageddon
Steve Ranger3 ZDNet
Teri Robinson3 SC Magazine
Jack Schofield3 ZDNet
Evan Selinger3 Passcode
Darlene Storm3 Computer World
Lee Suster3 SC Magazine
Kevin Tofel3 ZDNet
Joe Uchill3 Passcode
David Auerbach2 Slate
Violet Blue2 ZDNet
Tony Bradley2 CSO Online
Steve Cobb2 We Live Security
Kenneth Corbin2 CSO Online
Chris Duckett2 ZDNet
Kristen Eichensehr2 Just Security
Lee Fang2 The Intercept
Kelly Fiveash2 The Register
John Fontana2 ZDNet
Natalie Gagliordi2 ZDNet
Megan Geuss2 Ars Technica
Alexandra Gheorghe2 Hot for Security
Stephen Glasskeys2 Computer World
Jack Goldsmith2 Lawfare
Matthew Goldstein2 New York Times
Tim Greene2 Computer World
Wendy Grossman2 ZDNet
Robert Hackett2 Fortune
Kat Hall2 The Register
David Harley2 WeLiveSecurity
Alex Hern2 The Guardian
Michael Horowitz2 ComputerWorld
Patrick Howell O'Neill2 Daily Dot
Gregg Keizer2 Computer World
Herb Lin2 Lawfare
Rafal Los2 Security Week
Alan Martin2 We Live Security
Tony Martin-Vegue2 CSO Online
Joseph Menn2 Reuters
Jack Moore2 Next Gov
Joe Mullin2 Ars Technica
Ellen Nakashima2 Washington Post
David Perera2 Politico
Jason Polancich2 Security Week
Fahmida Rashid2 Security Week
Paul Roberts2 Passcode
Paul Rosenzweig2 Lawfare
Simon Sharwood2 The Register
Marc Solomon2 Security Week
Patrick Tucker2 Defense One
Camille Tuutti2 NextGov
Bob Violino2 CSO Online
Martyn Williams2 Computer World
Eileen Yu2 ZDNet


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