Hacker Publishes List of Plaintext Usernames and Passwords With IP Addresses for More Than 900 Pulse Secure VPN Enterprise Servers

A hacker has published a list of plaintext usernames and passwords, along with IP addresses for more than 900 Pulse Secure VPN enterprise servers, an analyst at threat intelligence firm Bank Security discovered. ZDNet got a hold of the list the help of threat intelligence firm KELA and verified its authenticity. The list includes IP addresses of Pulse Secure VPN servers, Pulse Secure VPN server firmware version, SSH keys for each server, a list of all local users and their password hashes, admin account details, last VPN logins (including usernames and cleartext passwords) and VPN session cookies. The analyst said that all the Pulse Secure VPN servers included in the list were running a firmware version vulnerable to the CVE-2019-11510 vulnerability. Threat intelligence company Bad Packets said that earlier this year it discovered 677 of the 913 IP addresses to be vulnerable and it appears they haven’t patched yet.


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