Cybersecurity Venture Funding Easily Tops Half Billion Dollars

On Monday, "stealth" mobile security start-up Bluebox became the latest in a string of ventures to announce major funding by blue-chip investors, snagging $18 million in a series B funding round that included powerhouses Andreessen Horowitz and Sun Microsystems.  That venture capitalists are pouring money into cybersecurity is no secret; but what's interesting is just how much money is flowing into these complex ventures.

I've assembled in the table below (the scroll bar on the right is helpful for viewing) some of the more prominent venture investments in cybersecurity start-ups since early 2012.  Altogether the companies in this table have raised over $500 million in venture funding and these investments are probably only a portion of venture capital money available to cybersecurity entrepreneurs.

On the heels of the Snowden revelations and the lawsuits flying in the wake of the Target breaches, investors have to be salivating at the prospects of getting in on the ground floor of what no doubt is, and will become, a hugely lucrative market with plenty of room for more entrants.


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