Twelve Must-Visit Cybersecurity News Websites

Today I took a long overdue look at a Flipboard magazine I set up on cybersecurity some months ago.  For those of you not familiar with Flipboard, it's a content aggregation and publishing service that allows anyone to create their own magazine devoted to any desired topic.  The result is a beautiful publication, replete with images, that you can literally flip through on a tablet or smartphone (see my magazine at and subscribe to it while you're there).  A less snazzy computer-based version of Flipboard is now available - instead of swiping you flip through the magazine using the scroll wheel on your mouse.

What I realized is that the content I "publish" in my cybersecurity magazine comes mostly from what most people consider to be the mainstream media.  That is a testament to just how big a hot-button issue cybersecurity has become.  Obviously The Guardian, New York Times, Washington Post, Forbes, The Atlantic and other top publications are increasingly devoting their assets to a topic that has turned into a coveted competitive news beat, with young, ambitious tech-savvy reporters cropping up all over the place to land a hacking, surveillance or national security scoop that in some way or another falls into the digital security realm.

Just below this level of big-name publications, however, are dozens of news, analysis or specialist websites that are mandatory reading for anybody who needs to know what's going on in cybersecurity.  But which ones are the best for staying abreast of the latest developments if you're pressed for time?  

The following is my list of twelve must-visit cybersecurity websites that you should bookmark or check out when time permits.  A few of them are not, technically speaking, "news" sites (such as Schneier on Security) but made the list because of the insight and expertise of their contributors.  And the frequency of publication varies from site to site - some feature only a few posts per week and some, such as the group of publications under the Information Security Media Group, feature multiple posts per day, often across multiple publications simultaneously.

Most people I talk to these days are overwhelmed with information on the subject of cybersecurity.  If this list helps, you're welcome.  But if you have nominations for better websites (not including blogs - I'm compiling a list of the best cybersecurity blogs and it is a surprising collection), let me know.


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